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Majors Overview

The Majors Division is a competitive play division for boys. The pitching is at a distance of 46 feet and the bases are 60 feet apart. Kids ages 10-12 year-olds play Majors based on Skill Evaluation Ranking during the spring. 

The Major Division is the top division still played on the Little League sized field. This is the division that you see on ESPN at the Little League World Series. The level of baseball is nothing short of amazing at this age. The kids may be trying to look as cool as Mike Trout or Bryce Harper when they turn the double play or hit one out of the park but they are smiling on the inside and so will you when you watch a Majors game at Cactus Foothills North Little League.

Experienced Kids have developed significantly by this age, however first-timers are always welcomed and encouraged to join. The Major division is a tremendous value as your child will play a lot of games, upwards of 20+ per season. The pitching gets faster and the kids baseball IQs go through the roof as they really get a handle on the game and sometimes make it look effortless. 

All Stars are selected at the end of the year and the kids try their best to qualify for the Little League World Series. 

Major games are played on our pristine Major field which is something you have to see for yourself. Come down and take a look.

Each player is guaranteed 6 outs and 1 at-bat in Majors. Majors bats the 9 players at a time based on who is in that inning.

Majors baseball costs $160 for the 2018 Fall Ball season.

Skill Goals

  • Develop batting mechanics (bunting, driving, making adjustments to speed etc.) and pitch selection.
  • Develop accurate throws from outfielders to proper cutoff person.
  • After fielding the ball knowing where to make the throw and getting it there. Develop fielding strategies based on skills.
  • Reading signals from Coach/Manager and implementing directives.
  • Arm strengthening and accuracy thru practices (long toss).
  • Working as a team to get outs.
  • Pitching emphasis is to continue developing pitch variety with good mechanics (fastball 2 seam/4 seam, change-up, cutter, slider etc.) and injury prevention/arm care.
  • Catcher skills include developing pitch calling skills, accurate throws to all bases, minimize pass balls, etc.
  • Good Sportsmanship!

Majors Rules

Majors Division Local Rules
The official rules for Majors are covered in the Handbook entitled “THE OFFICIAL REGULATIONS AND PLAYING RULES” for all divisions of Little League Baseball.  All managers and coaches will be given those handbooks and are required to become knowledgeable in these rules.  The following is intended to clarify some of the local rules, as well as to provide additional guidelines for the Majors Division play. 

HERE is an online copy of the rules.

Primary Ages11 and 12
Team Size12
FormatKid Pitch
Field Size (Mound / Bases)46' / 60'
Outfield Fence (If Present)200'
# Players On Field9
Score ReportedYes
Innings (max)6
Time Limit - Start New InningNone
Time Limit - Game MaximumNo Time Limit
Inning Completed3 Outs
Max RunsNo Limit
Max Outs3
Mercy Rule4 Innings / 10 Runs
Batting OrderBat Roster
Strike OutsYes
Base On ballsYes
Dead BallN/A
BuntingYes, Foul On 3rd strike = Out
Home RunsOver the Fence / Inside the Park
Advancing BasesFreely
Advance On OverthrowYes, Any Base
StealingYes, Pitch Must Cross Plate
Lead OffNo
SlidingYes, No Head First
Field PositionsAll Players Will play a Minimum Of 6 Consecutive Defensive Outs
Infield flyYes
Throw from cacher to pitcherLive Ball
1st and 3rd situation: Throw from Catcher to 2nd BaseLive Ball
Pitching LimitYes (See Below Chart)
Catching LimitYes (See Below Chart)
Illegal PitchYes
Drop Third StrikeYes
Passed Ball / Wild PitchYes
CleatsNo Metal
Bat Size Max2 3/4
Bat LogoUSA
Trophies1st Place during regular season

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Cactus Foothills Little League

PO Box 4563 
Cave Creek, Arizona 85327

Email: [email protected]
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