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A - Minors (Formally Farm) Overview

A-Ball is a developmental Division and is composed of children ages 6-8 years old. All players are evaluated prior to team formation in the areas of hitting, catching, throwing, and base running. Each player is assigned an individual and overall rating. Once the assessment is completed, balanced teams are formed based on player assessment ratings and then assigned to a Manager and Coach.

A-Ball is a semi competitive Division, however, coaching emphasis is upon player instruction and development. Children hit from a pitching machine to provide the greatest consistency possible. Each child must play a minimum of three innings in a six-inning game. Division rules are in-place to encourage player rotation in a variety of positions.

Ten players are assigned to field positions each inning, and all roster players bat whether assigned to a field position or not. Game scores and standings are NOT recorded. All A-Ball participants receive a year-end participation trophy.

A player who is league age 6 for the current season and has played a year in Tee Ball may be advanced to a the A-Ball division.

Players 6-9 years of age may play A Ball based on Skill Evaluations. During the regular season there is typically one-two practices a week and one game a week. Practice times for A-Ball are usually 4:30PM weekdays, with a few coaches electing for 6PM.

Skill Goals

  • Learn the fundamentals of batting with emphasis on proper stance, grip and swing.
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to hold, aim and throw a ball.
  • Learn the fundamentals of fielding ground balls with emphasis on proper stance, glove and hand position.
  • Learn the fundamentals of catching fly balls with emphasis on moving to the ball location and proper glove and hand position.
  • Learn the fundamentals of base running.
  • Learn basic baseball rules and strategy and how to apply these in offensive and defensive situations.
  • Learn the importance of respecting the Umpires (as representatives of the rules, order and fair play necessary for fun and sportsmanship).
  • Learn to love the game of baseball and come back next year!

Minors A (Farm) Local Rules

Minors A Ball (Formerly Farm) Division
Local Rule Clarifications
All managers and coaches will be required to become knowledgeable in the rules. The following is intended to clarify some of the key rules, as well as to provide additional guidelines for Cactus Foothills Little League.  HERE is an online version of the rules.

DivisionMinors A
Primary Ages6 to 8
Team Size10+
FormatMachine Pitch
Field Size (Mound / Bases)46' / 60'
Outfield Fence (If Present)165' Cones
# Players On FieldNo Limit (5 infield max)
UmpiresNo (Coaches Call Outs)
Score ReportedYes
Innings (max)6
Time Limit - Start New Inning1:15
Time Limit - Game Maximum1:30
Inning Completed3 outs or 5 runs
Max Runs5
Max Outs3 outs or 5 runs
Mercy RuleN/A
Batting OrderBat Roster
Strike OutsYes, 5 Pitch Limit (Unless 5th Pitch Foul)
Base On ballsNo
Dead BallPitching Machine Hit
DoublesOutfield Hit on the Fly, No Infield Posession
Home RunsYes, Past Cones on fly
Advancing BasesOne Base Only, Two Bases on Double
Advance On OverthrowNo
Lead OffNo
Field PositionsNo Player may sit out 2 innings until everyone has sit out at least 1 inning.
Infield flyNo
Throw from cacher to pitcherN/A
1st and 3rd situation: Throw from Catcher to 2nd BaseN/A
Pitching LimitN/A
Catching LimitN/A
Illegal PitchN/A
Drop Third StrikeN/A
Passed Ball / Wild PitchN/A
CleatsNo Metal
Bat Size Max2 3/4
Bat LogoUSA
Trophies1st Place During Regular Season

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Cactus Foothills Little League

PO Box 4563 
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Email: [email protected]
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