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Parent Expectation

1. Make coaches aware of any special circumstances affecting your child.

2. Get players to practice and games at appointed times (e.g. 15-30 minutes before game).

3. Pick players up promptly at scheduled end of practice and games.

4. Make sure players bring water (especially during hot weather) to practice and games.

5. Make sure players are dressed according to the weather conditions.

6. Notify your coach if your child will miss the scheduled game or practice.

7. Support the league's annual fundraising event held during the season.

8. Help with snacks for your team when scheduled. Make arrangements with another parent if you cannot make your scheduled snack date.

9. Help the coaches before & after the game to prepare and clean-up the field for home games during the season.

10. All teams need to keep a score book for each game. The scorekeeping duty could be shared between one or two parents.

11. Realize game circumstances will sometimes dictate changes in planned position assignments and substitution patterns (all coaching decisions must adhere to CFLL player participation rules as detailed in the Rules Clarifications).

12. Let the coach know if your child is chronically unhappy with team circumstances.

13. Initiate discussion with the coach regarding any fundamental differences in coaching approach in a non-confrontational manner. Having these discussions immediately after a game is sometimes not conducive to a complete and open discussion of the situation. Try calling the coach at home an hour or two after the game or practice.

14. For unsolvable disputes or dissatisfaction, notify the CFLL President or any CFLL board member about your particular situation.

Player Expectations

1. Have fun!

2. Listen when coaches are talking.

3. Try your best whatever position you play.

4. Practice how you want to play.

5. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

6. Be supportive of teammates.

7. No negative chatter.

8. Tell coaches about your position preferences, but realize everyone needs to play in positions in the field where they are needed.

9. Be willing to put in extra time to improve or learn new skills.

10. Stay in dugout and pay attention to the game when your team is batting. No eating in the dugout.

11. Help coaches (before & after game) getting out/picking up equipment bag, balls, and bases for 2 games and 2 practices during the season.

12. Play at least 6 consecutive defensive outs and bat at least once per game.

13. Tell coaches how you feel....

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Cactus Foothills Little League

PO Box 4563 
Cave Creek, Arizona 85327

Email: [email protected]

Cactus Foothills Little League

PO Box 4563 
Cave Creek, Arizona 85327

Email: [email protected]
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